Malachite Green Maxi Dress

Green is everywhere. It is the color of nature and the environmental movement. Corporate logos are sprouting up in green. The color green is at the beginning of a long fashion cycle, according to the Color Association of America, and we’ll be seeing a lot more it in fashion and design in the coming seasons.

Green was a major color theme at many of the New York runway shows for fall 2008, for both men and women. The Pantone Color Institute, a color analysis company surveying designers about color choices each season, calls green one of the top five colors of the coming season.

A main reason for this trend is the eco-friendly movement. Green conveys a sense of good deeds, honesty and authenticity. The color is also advancing from its past notion of “hippie chic” onto an upscale movement with a more luxurious feel. Green fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo are blanketing local retailers even though they often carry a heftier price tag.

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