Coffee, Crabs & Coral Bay

Coffee, Crabs & Coral Bay

What do crabs & coffee have in common? The answer is… not a whole lot BUT you can get the best of both at Finn’s Café in Coral Bay.

Sandwiched between the dive shop and Coral Bay Eco Tours, Finn’s offers the freshest seafood and classic desserts in a casual but inviting setting.

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By day, Finn’s serves ice creams, toasties, cakes and excellent barista coffee. By night, the place comes alive – its magical alfresco area wrapped with fairy lights and grape vines. With seats for only around 50 people, reservations are recommended after 6pm and for good reason!  Unlike the other restaurants in Coral bay, Finn’s was packed to the rafters but the wait staff were cool and relaxed.

The extensive dinner menu is chalked up on the wall and alcohol is BYO only. We ordered the ‘Coconut Tempura Fish Bites’ ($13), ‘Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab’ ($36) and 1/2 doz natural NZ oysters with a soy lime and wakame dressing ($16). The bites were home-made with fresh snapper, the crabs were well balanced and the oysters were HUGE with killer dressing.

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After declaring that we were full, we noticed they were serving Sticky Date Pudding with vanilla ice cream. As our signature dessert here at Salt we obviously had to try Finn’s version… strictly for comparative research purposes of course!

The pudding was very dark and moist, almost like chocolate cake, and thoroughly delicious. For a minute there we were afraid that it might even be better than Salt’s but, in the end we decided the depth of flavour and overall presentation was not quite there… even if we are a little biased!

What we loved….

1. The casual but magical atmosphere of this little one off café! It had so much unexpected charm.

2. The quality and variety of seafood on offer.

3. The warm welcome we received from the lovely wait staff even though we arrived at peak time, did not have a reservation and were dressed in our backpackers best of dusty shorts and t-shirt!